The objective was clear, to create a comprehensive lead generation campaign that not only raised awareness of our client’s brand but also fostered partnerships with new dealerships across the US. Central to our strategy was promoting the distribution of their electric motorcycles within the powersports market.


Navigating the powersports market presented several challenges for our client. Traditional motorcycle dealerships often exhibit reluctance towards embracing emerging technologies, citing concerns related to consumer acceptance, servicing complexities, and infrastructure support for electric vehicles. Additionally, the intricate nature of our client’s brand, coupled with the novelty of electric motorcycles, necessitated a nuanced approach to garnering dealership interest.


Working closely with our client, we crafted a flexible strategy to tackle the specific hurdles of the powersports market. Through weekly brainstorming sessions, we adapted our approach to resonate with dealership partners.

Our strategy included:

  • creating tailored content
  • sending targeted emails highlighting partnership benefits,
  • strategically placing social media ads,
  • engaging high-impact personalized ads on our website,
  • branded articles in our enewsletters,
  • outreach using our unique audience insights.


Our strategy delivered impressive outcomes within the first 30 days of the campaign.

  • 354,765 impressions
  • 6,582 clicks, we generated
  • 118 high-quality leads

We secured 18 new dealership customers for our client, demonstrating the success of our lead generation efforts.

Our client is delighted with the results and has decided to continue partnering with us.

“Partnering with EPG Brand Acceleration on dealer development was a no-brainer for us, we absolutely trust their brand and audience. Their tailored approach to amplifying our brand and driving dealership sign-ups for us has yielded fantastic results in a remarkably short time”. 

Chuck Schram, Monday Motorbikes
EPG Brand Acceleration

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