What if you could reach thousands of professionals in your target market, taking them on a sophisticated journey through your expertise, products and services?

  • 91% of marketers say that lead generation is their most important goal
  • 53% of marketers spend at least half of their budget on lead generation
  • 80% of marketers think marketing automation generates more leads

What if that campaign delivered a tangible list of highly qualified prospects who have deep knowledge of your organization and are ready to buy? That’s what LeadGenPro does. Powered by EPG Brand Acceleration, it leverages the trust and credibility of our industry, reaching critical decision-makers in an innovative and engaging way.

WE CAN HELP. Our professional journalists and editors know how to create content that resonates. If you need assistance creating content, we offer turnkey solutions. If you’ve already invested in creating great content, this is the perfect way to leverage it and put it to use.

Inform, Engage, Acquire

INFORM. We draw the attention of busy professionals and show them how your products and services make their organizations more efficient and profitable.

ENGAGE. We use sophisticated digital tactics to capture the imagination of our audiences in creative ways. It tracks individual behavior, adjusting and pivoting campaign messages through the process.

ACQUIRE. You end up with high potential, prequalified leads to present to your sales teams. It will be the easiest call they’ve ever made – a customer who has consumed your content, knows the value of your offerings and is ready to buy.

Templated yet flexible design that include:

  • Identify target market
  • Unique landing page
  • Pop-up ads on website
  • 4 automated drip email marketing messages