Digital Material Submissions and Inquires:

Please upload ad materials directly into your account.

  • Acceptable formats for static ads: .jpg, .png, .gif
  • Acceptable formats for Videos: High definition .mov or .mp4 formats

Standard Web Ads

Leaderboard728 x 90 (desktop view), 320 x 50 (mobile view)
Medium Rectangle300 x 250
(w x h in pixels)

High Impact Ads

Top Persistant Bar970 x 250
Persistent Bar970 x 250
Footer -Slide Up970 x 250
In-feed video560 Max width
Header Pop-up970 x 250
Slider bottom700 x 300
Modal -Middle site700 x 300
Billboard Slide-in1920 x 225
(w x h in pixels)

Dynamic Content Ads

Advertorial Brief
300 x 600 pixels with top image at 300 x 250 pixels
Up to 5 headlines and summaries for scroller.
Content Catalog300 x 600 pixels, 5 images
3D Multipanel Cube300 x 250 pixels for each side of 3D cube
Content Scroller300 x 50 pixels for collapsed accordion
300 x 250 for expanded accordion
(w x h in pixels)

Interactive Premium Digital Ads

Floater300 x 250 pixels plus animated “floater”
Any desired animated ‘floaters” must have a
transparent background (.png format)
Super BillboardExpanded
1920 x 480 pixels on desktop
1024 x 576 pixels on mobile and tablet
1920 x 150 pixels on desktop
1025 x 150 pixels on mobile and tablet
Full Page Video Takeover1920 x 1080 pixels for desktop
1080 x 1920 for mobile and tablet
Wallpaper Takeover1920 x 1080 pixels for desktop
1080 x 1920 for mobile and tablet
Banner Ad with Page FlipBanner
970 x 90 pixels for browser
728 x 90 for tablet
320 x 50 pixels for mobile
Page Flip
600 x 700 for individual pages
1200 x 700 for spread (2 pages)
(w x h in pixels)

E-News Banners

Sponsor Banner700 x 300
Leaderboard728 x 90
(w x h in pixels)

Custom Email Campaign Specifications

  • Email campaign materials should be submitted in finished HTML format.

HTML format:

  • The HTML file must be submitted as an attachment with an .html extension.
  • The styles within the HTML must be applied as basic HTML inline styles.
  • Internal CSS style sheets are not universally rendered by email providers.
  • Our mailer system does not allow for use of CSS styles.
  • Any images not being hosted externally must be provided separately. Please note we do not accept zipped files.

The following must be supplied before the basic HTML design can begin:

  • Header banner – approximately 600w x 200h pixels in .gif or .jpg web format.
  • Body of text – must be supplied in a selectable format.
  • Additional images – 2-3 small images may be supplied in .gif or .jpg web format to be included.

For multiple sends of a single email campaign, the following must be provided:

  • A few slight revisions to the body copy to avoid being labeled as spam.
  • An updated subject line for each email send.

Here is a list of best practices to consider when preparing an eblast campaign:

  • Utilize a strong call to action within the subject line to entice a subscriber to open the email.
  • Place significant text within the top 400 pixels of the layout and ensure that it is compelling enough to stand alone without the images.
  • Tailor the message specifically to your audience.
  • Limit the amount of imagery being used in the design.
  • A 75% text to 25% image ratio is highly recommended.
  • Many e-mail providers do not allow automatic image downloads.
  • Lower image ratios help HTML emails avoid spam filters.