Acquire, expand and nurture your top high-value clients and prospects. Leverage enhanced marketing capabilities with an ABM strategy that’s designed specifically to boost your sales pipeline and close deals.

  • 62% of marketers say they can measure a positive impact since adopting ABM.
  • 80% of marketers say ABM improves customer lifetime values, while 86% say it improves win rates.
  • One in five accounts targeted through ABM becomes considered a qualified sales opportunity.

FOCUS ACCOUNTS.  Select accounts to target with your messaging for a month. Segmenting capabilities include job titles, geographic location and content affinity.

TARGET OUTREACH. A custom, targeted email blast directed to your accounts from our coveted database. We’ll then send a retargeted email blast with modified creative to users that engaged with the initial email.

MAXIMIZE ENGAGEMENT. A targeted, high-impact popup ad will engage your accounts on our website. We will also serve a retargeted ad to the same target look-alike audience off-site across the web.

COLLECT LEADS. We’ll direct engaged users to your custom landing page(s) where they will provide contact information to learn more about your solutions through a white paper, video, or asset of your choice. Ability to create multiple unique landing pages.

ANALYZE CAMPAIGN. A multi-channel performance analysis including complete audience reach, a full list of accounts, titles and locations of engaged users, and contact information for converted leads. Additional behavioral data insight on target accounts available for 3+ month campaigns.

  • “Through our industry leading digital data company partnerships, we can deliver your products to in-market companies and C Suite decision makers.” 
  • “We can track and identify those companies that engage with your campaigns”
  • Focus Accounts – “target companies ‘surging’ for your products!”